(Cooper Fulleon)

Fulleon is Europe's leading producer of premium alarm signalling devices, producing lifesaving audible and visual units which are supplied to many countries around the world. From our founding in 1978, manufacturing audible alarm sounders, we have developed unique expertise in their design and manufacture and have evolved a wide range of related alarm system ancillaries. Frequently copied, but never equalled our products have earned a reputation for consistency and reliability.
We have established a well-deserved reputation for design innovation and originality in product development. For over thirty years, we have invested extensively in the development process and have thus been responsible for many leading innovations at the forefront of the marketplace. From traditional products, such as bells, to state of the art devices using patented technologies, Fulleon manufactures for a number of safety related markets, but maintains a core specialisation in the fire protection industry. Our standard “off-the-shelf” product ranges are both comprehensive and extensive, however many products are produced in versions to meet customers specific requirements. 
Fulleon recognises the need to constantly evaluate and evolve the manufacturing process to ensure the company retains its position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fire protection products. Quality is fundamental to the production processes and checks at each stage of production, from surface mounting to plastic sub-assembly, hand and final assembly, ensure that any potential problems are identified.

Products: 112 of 17
Products: 112 of 17